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'Freedom' information - updated on 20/07/21

Let's keep a good thing going - we plan to change nothing as yet....... 

The only difference being, face coverings will be optional for customers and staff members, but of course we are still advising you wear your face coverings where possible! 

We are still going to be seating you in your groups to maintain as much social distancing as possible as we feel this worked well anyway - for us and more importantly for you! We've had very positive feedback from customers regarding our seating system. If you have visited us recently you will know how this works but if you have not yet had chance to visit, we have trialled and tested systems in place to ensure your visit to us is an enjoyable one and completely pain-free for you and your group. If/when you book online, over the phone or via email we will have your booking ready for when you arrive with your own table/area to save any confusion about where you can sit or wait for your activity. 


QR codes and track and trace will remain in place and although this is now not a legal requirement to 'check in' we may remind you they are there as it is still encouraged to use. 

Hand sanitisers will remain in place. They are dotted all around the building.  

Laser Quest 🔫 - you will still be taken in in groups which prevents overcrowding and certainly helps with social distancing. The Laser Quest packs will still be cleaned and sanitised after every game. You will still have your own area/table for you and your group.


Ice Skating ⛸ - although social distancing measures now don't legally have to be taken into consideration - we are still going to be running the sessions in the same way! You will be shown to your area/table and we will ask that this is where you sit or return to during and after your activities. We are still going to be running our public sessions at a reduced capacity of 50 people to ensure everyone has enough room and feels comfortable on their visit. And after every session, the ice skates will be pressure washed and sanitised. The rink side tables and chairs will still be cleaned and sanitised. The barriers around the rink, again, will be cleaned and sanitised. Spectators, you are still allowed to come and watch! 


Escape Rooms 🔐 - the Escape Room experience, again, doesn't change too much. The only change being, you do not have to wear face coverings while you are in the Room. The Escape Rooms will still be sanitised after a Room is complete. All props, equipment and tools to help you escape will still be replaced with 'fresh' sanitised props, equipment and tools. 


Children's Parties are still fully operational and can be booked for any group size! 

Face coverings are now not legally required but of course, we advise everyone to wear one if they feel comfortable doing so! 

Cleaning procedures are in place to ensure everything is safe and you will see our team constantly cleaning around you and after you have completed your activities. 

You can now order food/drink at the bar but to prevent overcrowding we will ask you to return to your area/seats after you have paid.


We haven't left a stone unturned to ensure your safety which will therefore allow you to relax and enjoy your visit when you are here. If you do have any questions regarding bookings, your first visit, activities etc. please do not hesitate to contact us via email (, through our website (Ice Quest Malvern) or via Facebook. We will reply within an hour or two at the most.


We look forward to seeing you all soon!


Ice Quest Team 🎉



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