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Our Escape Blast Party includes:

The Escape Rooms at Ice Quest hosts four action packed rooms full of clues, riddles, locks and puzzles. Each game challenges groups of up to six guests to use team work and initiative to escape within sixty minutes. It’s a real life escape room.  See prices below or send us an email.

Children must be over 10 years.   For children aged 10-12, we ask that a supervising adult remains on the premises, or in the Escape Room as part of the party.  Activities may run in a different order depending on availability.

The party Hot Food Choice & Squash is served in a shared party room.

Followed by  2 games of Laser Quest in our exciting two floored Arena for just £10

Add a £2 Slushy for a little extra treat.

​Order our Party Bags at just £2 each and get a FREE T-Shirt &

Filled Pencil Case for the Birthday boy/girl to take home.

You are more than welcome to bring a cake, don't forget your candles. We will provide a cake tray and an adult with our safety box which contains matches & knife. We are party land every weekend and provide everything you need.

(Party Size of 6-24 Guests)

Escape Room Price plus £16.95 per person for 2 games of Laser Quest and hot party food with squash in one our themed party rooms.


Prices are starting from


Party Size of 6 - 20 players.

For more information or to book a party with us give us a call on 01684 575222, email us at or alternatively fill out our contact form.

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