For that perfect group activity, have fun & keep fit too!

We do private All Exclusive Ice Skating session for 10 - 50 skaters  but be aware our minimum charge is £200 for up to 20 skaters. This session can only be booked outside of our opening hours.  We have 20 skate aids these cost £4 or you can hire them all for just £50.!  

Upgrade with a portion of chips & small Slushy for £4 per person

Or add a delicious hot snack with unlimited squash for £5.95

(Burger, Cheeseburger, Chicken Bites, Sausages, Veggie Burger or Fish Fingers all served with chips. Vegan and Gluten Free options available on request)

To privately book out one of our Public Sessions is £500 and this includes all of our skating aids. Maximum is 50 skaters.

(Subject to Availability as we may already have bookings)

If you wish to cancel the party or remove guests please get in touch with our team prior to your party booking. If you wish to add extra guests or skating aids please let us know 7 days before your party. Adding guests can only be done if we have the availability. The sooner you call to amend the party the better as our spots during the weekend sell out very quickly. To avoid disappointment we strongly recommend that you book as early as you can.



£200 for 1 hour 
£250 with All our Skate Aids 

£315 with food
(All Aids Incl)

Package up to 20 skaters

NB we do charge £10 for any numbers over 20 to maximum of 50 (£15.75pp for £315 package).


1 Hour Skate Time


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