Ice Skating Parties

Have Fun & Keep Fit too....

A great sporting activity for all !

Ice Skating Party  with Hot Food Rink Side

All Exclusive for Your Group Only          Just £315  (For up to 20 guests)

Max is 50 guests

This includes an hours fun skate outside our normal public skating times

The package includes hot food/squash served rink side for about 30 minutes

The package includes Invitations to send out to their friends.

20 Skate Aids are also thrown in with package to help everyone along.


Any adults wishing to join the children skating will be charged £10,  by all means add on participating adults or siblings on the day 


Non skaters wishing to spectate it is free of charge but wrap up warm -  as its cold! 

Order our Party Bags at just £2 each and get a FREE T-Shirt &

Filled Pencil Case for the Birthday boy/girl to take home.

Why give them an extra treat mixed Slushy's for just £2 each

You are more than welcome to bring a Birthday cake, don't forget your candles. We will provide a cake tray and an adult with our safety box which contains matches & knife. 

Please  note that public sessions can be booked for larger Private Parties without Food

These cost £550 for up to 50 skaters, with 20 aids.  

You can also add  2 games of Laser Quest  (Ice Blast Party)  extra £10

or maybe adding an exciting hour trying to escape from our very popular new

Escape Rooms - Bunker 38, Cell Block C, A :I:9 or The Betrayal of Cluetankhamun

(Ice Escape Party) extra £15 per person for 6 or 12 players

(From age 10, Aged 10 - 12 adult must be present in the building or in the room as part of the party)

Or do all our 3 Activities (Ice Escape Blast Party )  email us for prices/availability

This is obviously subject to availability.

You can book as a group on our Rink, whether it be a Birthday Party, club/company or  just  friends.  

Either join one our our public skate sessions or we also offer All Exclusive use of our Rink for

for your group only for 1 hour this cost £200 for up to 20 skaters  Skate Aids are an £4 each or you can hire all 20 for just £50.  

 You can also upgrade and add a portion of chips & Slushy served by the Rink  for just £ 4 per person.   Ideal for Scouts, Brownies, Church Groups or Schools & Colleges. Our staff will help organise your group into areas of no more that 6 for fitting skates or eating.

Times are all shown on the on line booking calendar and you can see the extra sessions during the School Holidays.

If you wish to cancel the booking or remove guests please get in touch with our team prior to your party booking. We do need at least 7 days notice for a cancellation . 

For Under 6's                                                           

We need an Adult Skater per child and recommend everyone has  a Bobby Seal Skate Aid per child too,  just make sure you book the extra aid's in advance as we cannot guarantee them on the day.  In our experience, skating with your little ones is such fun and makes the party experience even better!   If you need advice, simply email or give us  a call.  We do charge for everyone who skates on or rink.

Small Groups wishing to Skate & Eat for a Birthday Celebration

We can sometimes accommodate Birthday Groups during our opening hours - just check first that we have a Party Room available to eat in afterwards - cost is £5.95 extra per child for a choice of hot meal & squash. Minimum is 6 - 18.  Sorry but we cannot have lots of extra non skating spectators, so we recommend a mix of both children & adults actually on the rink wherever possible or get parents to drop off/collect children outside with one of the party Parents

 Call up if you need some advice, we are here to help and make sure your party is great fun!

Don't forget you can book privately and then invite extra spectators.

We also sell Italy's bestselling coffee -' Lavazza' Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate.

We can also provide a delicious Fork Buffet (min 15 people)- Ham, Salad, Coleslaw, Garlic Bread & Quiche for £9.95 per person or a platter of sandwiches for parents staying with the party for £4.95 per person.  These are all freshly prepared so pre-booking is essential.


Prices are starting from

£200 no food

Up to 20 

on a Private Skate

 Over 20 will be charged £10

Maximum is 50 skaters

Skate Aids £4 each extra

Or All 20 for just £50

£315 with food

Includes all the Above plus,

on Private Skate

choice of Hot Food & Squash

All served Rink Side

We do charge £15.75 for numbers of 20. and any extra just skating £10 each

£15.95 Party

with food

For small Groups wanting to eat after Skating on one of public skate sessions, contact us to see if we have a Party Room available Hot Food & Squash is £5.95 per person

(Minimum 8- Max 18

+ 2 attending adults spectators only please, unless privately booked)

Only subject to availability

Must leave the public skate 5 mins before end of session for social distancing reasons

Bring a Cake!

For more information or to book a party with us give us a call on 01684 575222, email us at or alternatively fill out our contact form.