There is nothing more rewarding than learning a brand new skill.

Lessons start from £60 for a 6 week course of Half an Hour Lessons

Higher Levels over Level 5 Cost £90 - £150 depending on skater numbers

We are very proud that these are coached by Stuart Bell  
He is an experienced British Figure Skater who won the Bronze Medal at the British Figure Skating Championships in both 1995 & 1999.  He has taught over 15,000 customers how to skate since we opened in 2011.

Including our very own In House Coaches, Chris Holland & Karen Hilyer

And Lesson Assistant : Freya Wheeler. 

Our current availability is below:



6 week course             Cost £60


Dates: 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th June,

            3rd, 10th July.

Level 1/2   - 5.30pm 

Level 3/4 - 6.00pm 

Don't forget to book for the practice session by email - 4:30 - 5:30pm!

Level  1/2

Although this is a beginners class, the course is to improve your skating skills and we expect participants to have basic ability to skate  around and be able to stand alone without assistance.  If you are unsure, we can always assess you.


Our next set of lessons will start in September. 

Level 1/2 - 5.30pm

Level 3/4 times to be confirmed


Prices start from £60 for 6x30min lessons. 


Levels 5, 6, 7 & 8 & Bronze, Silver

and Gold are Tuesday Evenings only

These cost £90 for a six week course


Level 1/2 or Level 3/4

You may need to be assessed for L3/4 unless you achieved L1/2 or can confirm your skating ability

Please email us if you would like to book on or would like to know further information:


Level 1 & Level 2

  • Sit down and stand up

  • March forwards across the ice

  • Forward two foot glide

  • Skate and Dip

  • Turn around on the spot​

  • Backwards Marching across the ice

  • Forward Swizzles (Lemons)

  • Forward two foot glide on a curve (left and right)

  • Two foot turn on the spot (forwards to backwards, back to forwards)

  • Snowplough or T-Stop

Level 3 

  • Forward stroking

  • Moving two foot turn (forwards to backwards, back to forwards)

  • Backwards Swizzles (Lemons)

  • Back two foot glide

  • Forward one foot glide (left and right)

Level 4

  • Forward outside edges on a circle (left and right)

  • Forward inside edges on a circle (left and right)

  • Forward Slalom

  • Backwards Stroking

  • Forward continuous Chasses around a circle (left and right)

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