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Learning a new skill is very rewarding, you keep fit & have Fun. Skating is a great organised sporting activity & you will make new friends too!



Lessons start from £60 for a 6 week course of Half an Hour Lessons

Higher Levels over Level 5 Cost £90 - £150 depending on skater numbers

We are very proud that these are coached by Stuart Bell. As an experienced former competitive skater, Stuart is an 11-time British Championship medallist and has taught over 20,000 customer to skate since we opened in 2011.

Including our very own In House Coaches, Chris Holland & Karen Hilyer - both have been skating and coaching for Ice Quest for a number of years and they are amazing! 

Our current availability is below:


Current Lessons

17th June
24th June
1st July
8th July
15th July

6pm Level 1 & 3
6.30pm Level 4

Please email us if you would like to book on or would like to know further information:


Our next set of MONDAY Lessons will start in September - we have a 6 week break for the summer holidays.

The dates are - 
9th September
16th September
23rd September
30th September
7th October1
6th October

You can sign up to these now and get half price skating over the 6 weeks holidays.


Level 1 

  • Moving Forward

  • Sit and Stand independently

  • Moving forward (10 steps) two foot glide and dip

  • Stationary Snowplough Stop

  • Moving Snowplough Stop

  • Moving Forward (10 steps), glide into forward lemon

Level 2

  • Moving Forward (10 steps), two foot glide on curve left and right

  • Moving snowplough stop (or T-Stop)

  • Moving Backwards (toes in)

  • Two foot turn on spot (180 degrees)

  • Forward and Backward lemons

Level 3 

  • Forward stroking

  • Backwards snowplough stop

  • Forwards to backwards two foot turn

  • Forward inside and outside edges one foot glides

  • Forward two foot slalom

Level 4

  • Forward open chasses

  • Backwards Stroking

  • Forward outside edges

  • Forward inside edges

  • Two foot 3 turn

Please note  - all new skaters must have the ability to skate around the rink unaided before they sign up to beginner classes.

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